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Directions for use of ClearNails:

Label Directions:
Apply 1 drop of ClearNails morning and night at the growing base of the affected nail(s). Within a few months, depending on the time of the year, normal nail growth will begin to show at the base of the nail.

Note that the normal nail will have to grow the infected portion off of the toe. If the treatment is missed, for even one dose, the nail that grew that day may be infected with the fungus. In this case the treatment period must start over. Standard treatment period is approximately 6 months (or until the new nail has grown out) plus an additional 6 months to insure that there is no reinfection.

Additional Comments About Using ClearNails:
The object of the application is to get the ClearNails solution to the nail matrix (the hidden part of the nail, under the cuticle, where new nail growth takes place).

Toenail Cross Section
Toe Cross Section

Since it is not physically possible to place the ClearNails solution in this area (nail matrix), the liquid must be absorbed by the nail thereby allowing it to flow into the nail matrix. At the same time the solution should be spread over the entire nail surface giving it enough time to be absorbed by the nail. This absorption process is why the use of toenail polish is not recommended. The polish seals the nail and prevents the ClearNails solution from penetrating the nail plate. If nail polish must be used a small gap should be left in the lunula area to give the solution an unsealed area to penetrate. Update: We have had many users who have had great success by pulling the cuticle back when applying ClearNails. This, of course, makes perfect sense since it allows the solution to get closer to the nail matrix.

Toenail growth rate:
This is the wild card in the fight against onychomycosis. Toenails grow slower than fingernails with a growth rate of .03 to .05mm per day. The nail matrix, where the growth originates, is from 3.2 to 6.4mm behind the cuticle. So even in the best of circumstances it would take about 2 months to see clear nail growth. A further complication is that nails grow faster on younger people than older, faster in the summer than winter, even faster on one toe than an adjacent one.

There is no overnight cure for onychomycosis. It takes perseverance and dedication and most importantly time to eliminate this condition.

Remember these important tips for success:

Do not miss a treatment.
Do take ClearNails with you when you travel.
Do make sure that you apply ClearNails as outlined above.

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