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Product Details:
Fabulous Claims

There are products that claim to show results in a month, a week and some even in days. These all fall into the category of "If it seems too good to be true then it probably is".

With finger and toenails what you see is what you get. The nail will not repair itself. It must grow until the effected area is trimmed off leaving the newly grown, healthy nail.

See our Directions for Use page for a discussion of toenail growth rates.

Allergy Sufferers
If you are an allergy sufferer you will be happy to know that ClearNails contains no known allergens.
What Customers Are Saying

Email from Jenny:
"By the way --- your product is the only thing that has helped my nails!!! I tried prescribed medication, vinegar, fungicure, fungicare for at least 3 years and nothing worked!! Clear nails finally is giving me nails I don't have to be ashamed of!! Thank you!!!"

ClearNails is a product that when used as directed will turn hard, yellow nails into clear, healthy, normal nails. ClearNails ingredients are all natural and when used in a consistent program of two applications daily, is guaranteed to get results. ClearNails is also very affordable. A six month's supply costs only $12.95.
For as long as I can remember my husband, Harry, has had hard, discolored, malformed toenails. He's 51 now and otherwise, very handsome. Harry thinks his nail problems began in college . No one really knows the cause of this nail fungus, known as onychomycosis, but experts believe that trauma or damage to the nails predisposes them to nail fungus as does long term exposure to athlete's foot. Harry has had both conditions.

Harry has always been concerned with the appearance of his nails and has tried numerous over-the-counter medications such as Lotrimin cream. None were effective. Then our family doctor prescribed Lamisil. After six months he began to see some improvement but it became cost prohibitive (medical insurance usually does not cover the cost of nail treatment as it is considered cosmetic). He was also concerned about the well documented side effects.

Several years ago, just when Harry had resigned himself to having wood-like toenails forever, we took a trip to Abruzzi, Italy to meet his relatives. While there his aunt noticed his toenail fungus and recommended a remedy that the family had used for many years to cure fungus problems. Harry was polite but skeptical, and asked her to write down the ingredients and instructions in our travel diary so we could try it when we arrived home. I knew he had no intention of trying the remedy.

In May,1998 I noticed, to my horror, that I had also developed toenail fungus. I remembered Harry's aunt's remedy and pulled out our diary. Admittedly at that point I was willing to try anything. I religiously followed her instructions, "A drop on each toenail before putting on socks and shoes in the morning and then again at night". By Christmas my nails were clear and my husband, the skeptic, was ready to try it for himself. His toenail fungus presented a much greater challenge. To begin with, nine out of his ten nails were severely infected. Secondly, after four months we saw absolutely no improvement (We now know that this was due to the fact that nail growth slows to almost nothing during the winter). By the end of the seventh month, much to Harry's disbelief, there it was….clear nail growth at the base of four out of the nine nails. Needless to say he was extremely conscientious from that point on about not missing a treatment. Finally after thirteen months he could look down and see 10 absolutely clear nails. Shortly afterwards our company,, was born.

For more information on using ClearNails please see our Directions for Use page.

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